Audio projects I was involed in as composer and producer. The CDs of Tessi and Free like the Wind can be purchased over the sound of music website.

A few audio examples on:

Free like the Wind

The (really true) Story of the Brothers Lilienthal
A Musical. Book, lyrics and compositions, 12 songs.
Sound engineer: Hartmut Hübener, Milow.
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Bild Frei wie der Wind CD

Marie & Sophie

A Musical. Book, lyrics and compositions, 10 songs.
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Bild Marie & Sophie CD

Tessi - A new Musical

16 songs (lyrics and compositions), co-composer is Zoltan Tombor.
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Family Affairs - A new Musical

18 songs (lyrics and compositions).
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Bild CD Family Affairs

Aus dem Tagebuch eines Hundes (From the diary of a dog)

In this audio book from Peter Eckhard Reichel, a dog tells us entertaining stories about his life. The actor Andreas Mannkopff is very much fun to listen to. I underlayed some of my compositions, from funk to swing. A tango is a hommage to Kurt Weill.


Arndis Halla - EDDA

She is Island's celebrated opera star and the fantastic voice of Europe's most successful show with horses: APASSIONATA. Composition of Valva and production of Vinur for the album EDDA. Published by EDEL Records Germany. More about Arndis Halla


Apassionata & Friends

The song Valva appeared on the double-CD Apassionata & Friends.
EDEL Records.

Apassionata and Friends

Apassionata - Das Game

Music composition and sound design.
Published by RTL Games Germany.

Apassionata - Das Game

Marianne Rosenberg - Für immer wie heute

2004, RTL/Warner Music Group Germany.

Marianne Rosenberg


Demo song production for the virtual drum sound system. Mixosaurus defines virtual drums in a complete new manner: the software comes with a 122 GB (!) hard drive loaded with drum samples. Now it's possible to programm a natural sounding drum track like never before. Producer: Uwe Lietzow.


Lilo Kaminski

The audio book of Hans Dieter Schreeb is a very moving  and  staggering historical tale about the Nazi regime in Poland. I composed for every chapter a music for string orchestra and piano. Published by wortstark, Felix Bloch Erben GmbH Germany.

  Lilo Kaminski

Buch ohne Worte (Book without words)

A crazy and funny tale of a newspaper man about the mystic Rena Tesch and her wacky life. I composed different tracks for this colourful mosaic of pictures. There is a love theme , an indian, an oriental theme, a road theme and an african theme besides many others. 6 audio CDs. wortstark/Felix Bloch Erben GmbH Germany.

  Buch ohne Worte

Lilli Lustig

A children's audio book series of Karlheinz Freynik.
Book 1: Lilli at the farm. In the titel song at the beginning and in the end 3 animals introduce themselfs. In every book every animal has it's own  song: In the first book the fox: Fiese Füchse.
Book 2: Lilli gets lost in the forest and ancounters a 200-year-old owl, who comforts Lilli and sings her a good night song: Eulentrösterlied.
Book 3: The rats band plays a show in the barn and all animals celebrate a party. Finally there apear the hens with a ballet.

  Lilli Lustig

SAT 1 Star Search 2

Production of 11 playbacks of songs of the pop- and rock history. Published April to Mai 2004 by SAT 1 Germany.

  SAT1 Star Search 2

Guillermo Delgado

24 songs of the international pop- and rock history, newly arranged for panflute. With Right here waiting (Richard Marx),  My Heart will go on (Celine Dion) and Unbreak my Heart (Il Divo). Link to artist Guillermo Delgado.
  Guillermo Delgado

Guillermo Delgado

Welcome to life

An advisor for life's first year by Dr. med. Nadia Bustami.
Achsensprung media design Berlin.

Willkommen im Leben

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