Apassionata – "Sehnsucht" 2008 – Grand Voyage Europa

The beauty and elegance of the most precious horses in the world combined with composed music and an exciting story. "Sehnsucht" (passion) was the  German-, Europe- and US-tour in 2008/2009. The CD Apassionata and Friends with "Valva" was released in October 2008 by EDEL records Germany.

Composer of Valva, Passion and Requiem

Photos Apassionata

Premiere: 28. September 2008 in Neubrandenburg/

Dream images, a young girl, video projections, music and the most precious horses in the world in one place. Dark forces have stolen the moon. The girl starts a fantastic journey on the search for the moon. She is accompanied by the horses, until she reaches the gates of the ancient palace ...

"Grand Voyage" was the European tour through seven countries in 2008 including "Passion".