Frei wie der Wind! - Die (wirklich wahre) Geschichte der Gebrüder Lilienthal

Free like the Wind! - The (really true) story of the Brothers Lilienthal

A german musical in 2 acts with 19 scenes and 12 songs

Book, Lyrics & Music: Niels Fölster
Vocal Coach:
Veronika Fölster
Marie-Jo Friske
Make-Up: Karna Bree, Marie Kolb and Gabi May
Costumes: Katrin Fritze, Kerstin Junge, Elena Hildebrandt, Natalia Lorenz
Youth Orchestra (2016): Helgo Belinski, Johannes Kölbel, Annette Lapschies
Light: Max Willmes
Sound: Florian Kempin, mmt veranstaltungstechnik
Scenery, Lighting Design and Video Programming:
Zoltan Tombor, Max Willmes
Niels Fölster, Claus Stahnke (2016)

Photos © Juliane Lindner
Publisher: CANTUS Theaterverlag

Frei wie der Wind! - Ein Musical

Frei wie der Wind! - Ein Musical

Premiere on the 11th of September in 2016 in the "Kulturzentrum Rathenow"

Additional Performances:
9.9., 12.9. and 13.9.2016
22.9., 23.9. and 24.9.2017

2019 in Stuttgart, Germany

Cast: 9 Women, 3 Men, next performers, dancers

Harp, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Alto sax, Tenor sax, Chimes, Strings, Drums, Electric Bass and Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Keyboard

Marie & Sophie Frei wie der Wind - Die Voices Marie & Sophie Marie & Sophie Marie & Sophie
Frei wie der Wind!  Frei wie der Wind! - Die Chorprobe  Frei wie der Wind!


"Free like the Wind" is a homage to the brothers Lilienthal, especially to the foolhardy Otto Lilienthal. The story of the brothers is connected to the story of two guardian angels. By trying to save Otto's life they take a big challenge...The musical is about the life of the brothers Lilienthal, their dreams and hopes, the foundation of their own steam engine factory in Berlin, the exploration of bird flight and finally the tragic accident of Otto in 1896. How do humans use their scientific progress? What responsibility do we carry? How far will we go to realize our dreams? And why is there so much suffering and hatred in the world? Why can't we believe in love and peace?

The musical CD can be ordered here: or in the bookstore "Tieke" in Rathenow.

Photos © 2016 Juliane Lindner/Niels Fölster (Plakat) 
The Photo of Otto Lilienthal is kindly provided by the Otto-Lilienthal-Museum in Anklam/Germany.

Plakat 2016

The Musical Camp in August 2016 was a great experience and one of the best camps I ever had with my students from Rathenow. Many thanks also to the teachers: Veronika Foelster, Marie-Jo Friske, Katrin Fritze, Elena Hildebrandt, Annette Lapschies, Zoltan Tombor, Helgo Belinski, Johannes Koelbel and Claus Stahnke. The stage and the orchestra pit were full of energy and the sold out shows were celebrated by the excited audience. More than 1600 spectators visited the four perfomances. And also the revival of "Free like the Wind!" in 2017 was a huge success. Thanks to the fantastic team, all the supporters and our audience!