Charleys Tante - Charley's Aunt

"Charley's Aunt" is a comedy musical with 12 songs, based on the original comedy play of Brandon Thomas. The music was composed in 2006 for the "Schauspielhaus Chemnitz".

In 2014 "Charley's Aunt" was performed with my music (see the information below) in the "Theatrum Mundi Schwabach" without my knowledge or permission. The CANTUS Theaterverlag owns the performance rights and they can be purchased only here:

Book, Compositions:
Niels Fölster

Version of 2006:
Compositions and musical direction: Niels Foelster
Scenery and Props: Marcus Lachmann
Dagmar Höhnerbach
Light: Dietmar Lange
Book: Daniel Call

Performance right of the music and revising of the book (2015):
CANTUS Theaterverlag

Premiere on the 17th of March in 2007 in the "Schauspielhaus Chemnitz"

Additional Performances:
24 performances in the 2007/2008 season

In 2014: 10 performances in the "Theatrum Mundi Schwabach" (without permission, copyright infringement, please see below)

9./10.11. und 16./17.11.2018 in Dallgow-Döberitz

In 2006 I composed 18 songs of different musical styles (ballads, latin, pop and rock songs) for  "Charley's Aunt", the well-known comedy by Brandon Thomas. The musical was performed 24 times in Chemnitz. In 2015 I revised book and music. The musical is published in the CANTUS Theaterverlag. The photos above took Dietmar Lange from Chemnitz. The Band: Drums, Electric Bass and Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar, Keyboard and Violin.    


Additional articles from 2007:

Important information:

27.09.2015: I found out by accident that my music for "Charleys Aunt" was sold to the Theatrum Mundi Schwabach (a theatre in Southern Germany) without my knowledge and permission. I was not involved in the revenue.
3.11.2015: The theatre director confirmed that they performed my music. This is copyright infringement. The Berlin based publisher infringed copyright laws by selling my material to the Theatrum Mundi.
27.12.2017: I received the written confirmation from the theatre Theatrum Mundi that they performed my music on stage during 2014.

Page 1 of the piano score (Chemnitz version of 2006):

Lied Nr. 1 aus Charleys Tante (2006)