Tessi - A new Musical!

A musical in 2 acts and 25 scenes/15 songs.

Author, composer, orchestration and musical direction: Niels Fölster
Co-composer: Zoltan Tombor.
Vocal coach: Veronika Fölster
Step dance, costume: Katrin Fritze
Choreography, costume and make up: Jenny Knoop
Choreography, costume: Elena Hildebrandt
stage prop: Katrin Fritze 
Light: Jan Berg, Murat Gültekin
Sound: Dominic Fiekens
Stage design: Zoltan Tombor, Sven Degebrodt
Director: Claus Stahnke
Production management: Niels Fölster, Zoltan Tombor


Eine schrecklich echte Familie - Family Affairs

Premiere on 5.9.2014 in Rathenow/Germany

Following performances:
2014: 6.9. + 7.9.
2016: performances in Hamburg/ Germany
2017: performances in Bad Sachsa and Waghäusel
2018: performances in Linz, Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen

Cast: 8 W, 5 M, supporting roles, dancer/step dancer.

drums, git., bass, trp., alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, keyb., flute, oboe, klarinet, akkordeon, piano, harp and strings.

Publisher: CANTUS

Tessi Tessi Tessi Tessi Tessi

Tessi joins a new class after summer holidays. She is 14 years old. Her single mother had to change the job and town with her. Her dad died two years ago. He talks to her in her dreams alot, she tells him how much she is missing him. In class she becomes friend with Mira, but Josey and her fan club Kathi, Lucy, Marcy and Lara are scaring her. Josey is the leading singer in the school band. She dreams of a great career as a pop star, while she is annoying everyone else in the band with her attitude. Especially Danny, her boyfriend. His is the band leader who writes all the songs. As Danny get notice of Tessi and listens to her wonderful voice, the story turns into tragedy ...

This piece deals with mobbing attacks inside a social group in times of the internet and social networks. The students use "facelook" alot and Tessi becomes a victim of false claims and a fake "facelook" profile. Only one person can safe the child in the end ...

We want to bring back in mind the risks of using social networks on the internet. By all major advantages of the internet it is important to use it in a way, that noone gets hurt or discriminated. Its all about tolerance, respect and to know the own limits and those of others.

Supported by "Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung"  (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and by "Verband deutscher Musikschulen" (Association of German Music Schools).

Photos © 2014 Peter Adamik

Plakat September 2014

About the premiere: a production of the "Musik- und Kunstschule Havelland" in cooperation with the "Städtischen Musikschule Rathenow". Over 50 students from both schools took part. We had a very excited audience and  standing ovations! Thanks so much to: parents, helpers, finger-crossers and all supporters for the engagement and the patience! Director of Städtischen Musikschule Rathenow: Anke Heinsdorff. Director of Musik- und Kunstschule Havelland: Simone Seyfarth.
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